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Original 1st printing 17 & 1/4 x 22 & 1/8" poster for thecassette release of The Urbations Urban Dance Party in Detroit, Michigan.  

The group was managed by John Sinclair.  The band consisted of 3 saxophones, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Members were Chip Reed (David Swain) Cleophus Curtis (Peter Klaver) Pops Silver, Little Tino (Martin Gross) Showtime Johnny (Johnny Evans) Casual Johnston (Ian Vatet) and Buddy Music (Andy Boller)
Design by Dan Mullholland and Frank Bach.  Grande Graphics.  Photo by Bob Dion.
The poster is printed on very thin paper.  There is minor creasing throughout, but it otherwise in nice condition.

Urbations Urban Dance Party 1983 Casssette Release Detroit Concert Poster

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