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Not sure what you have?  We offer poster authenitcation services and certificates of authenticity.  Authentication is performed by Brad Kelly of Concert Poster Auction. 


Brad is a well-known expert in vintage concert posters.    From 1992-2004, Brad worked at Psychedelic Solution Gallery in New York City one of the first establishments in the country devoted exclusively to the preservation, archiving and promotion of psychedelic art and 1960's concert posters. 


Brad has spent over 20 years researching, archiving and working with these posters on a daily basis.  He has been credited in several books devoted exclusively to the subject (Art of the Fillmore, Eric King's Guide, Art of the Dead) and has done consulting work for ChristiesSotheby's, the Experience Music Project, the Hard Rock CafeThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,  and many private collectors.


E-mail us for more information.

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