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Original 1st printing 5&1/4 x 7&3/8" event handbill for "The Invisible Circus", a 72-hour San Francisco Diggers-sponsored party/event/happening, held at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, CA on 2/24/1967.
 Art by Victor Moscoso, thin flat stock handbill is in excellent (B+) condition; just a tiny nip tear and a thin 1" diagonal bend/crease in the bottom center margin,

 The specifics of the assorted "activities" (and the resulting shut-down of the event) are explained on pages 140-142 of the paperback edition of Charles Perry's "The Haight-Ashbury- A History";
 "The Diggers and the Artists' Liberation Front had been conspiring to put on an update of the ALF street fairs of the previous fall, aimed specifically at the psychedelic community. In a way, it was a vision of what the Be-In ought to have been. Not a passive stroll around a speakers' platform but a participatory event. Not in the park, but downtown in the gritty Tenderloin. Not healthful, peaceful and decorous, but smutty, rebellious and possibly dangerous. Not four hours in the afternoon sun, but seventy-two hours of nonstop happenings. The name was variously given out as "It's Yours," "It's Here" and "The Invisible Circus- the Right of Spring."


SF Diggers Invisible Circus 1967 Moscoso Glide Church Event Handbill

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