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Original 1st printing 4&1/4 x 7&1/8" postcard-reverse concert handbill for Fleetwood Mac appearing with Thyme on 7/11/1968, Pink Floyd appearing with Jagged Edge on 7/12/1968, the Who appearing with Frost and the (Psychedelic) Stooges on 7/13/1968 and Toad, Third Power and Nickel Plate Express on 7/14/1968, all shows held at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, MI.


Art by Carl Lundgren, image is # 93 (card # 44) in the Russ Gibb Presents/Grande series


 The card is in Very good condition.  There are two tackholes on top, and the back has tape pulls.  For the most part, the tale pulls can't be seen on the front..

RGP 93 Fleetwood Mac Pink Floyd The Who Grande Ballroom 1968 Concert Postcard

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