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Original 1st (only) printing, Flyer/handbill for The Peace, Bread and Land Band at Bishop's Coffeehouse in Oakland, CA on 4/10-11/1970.  The back has a handwritten request from Sid Brown asking Phillip Elwood an KPFA to announce the event on his radio show.

According to Savage Saints blog:
'This was basically Sid Brown's band (ex-Spike Drivers). When he moved from the Detroit area to San Francisco he went to the Ali Akbar College of Music in Berkeley and formed Peace, Bread & Land Band. They made some recordings. After that the band moved north and released a 10" EP Liberation Music in an oversized envelope (full of '60s motives) and later on a 7" EP.
In great condition.

Peace Bread & Land Band Bishops Coffeehouse 1970 Sid Brown Concert Handbill

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