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Large photo print, 16" x 20 & 1/4" of Iggy Pop with drummer Sam Lay, and high school friends Charlotte Wolter, Barbara Kramer and Vivian Shevitz, during Pop's trip to Chicago to seek out San Lay and learn blues drumming in 1965.
According to Rolling Stone, "When I was in the Prime Movers, Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield came through a Detroit coffee house," Pop said. "We went to play for them to see if they could help us get connected. [Blues drummer] Sam Lay had been replaced in the group at that time: he was playing with James Cotton. And I said to Bloomfield, 'I would really like to go to Chicago and meet Sam,' so Bloomfield gave me his address. So I went to Chicago with my drums, and I had this address, and I ended up deep in the west side. … I loved it! I didn't know places that beautiful existed. Pink, blue, yellow, braids, African stuff, super fly people, and all of it packed in tight and teeming with life. 
"There was an old brownstone with some apartments in it, and I rang the bell, and this very lovely and dignified woman who was, is still with him," he continued. "I can't remember her first name. She came to the door, and I explained who I was, and she just said, 'Well, Sam's not here right now.' But apparently, I didn't remember this part. … His son says that I slept on the floor of his room. His son was about 6 years old. He remembers me sleeping on the floor there for a few nights. They were kind to me, and I have a picture here. I have my picture with Sam." Also pictured above are a trio of Pop's friends – Charlotte Wolter, Barbara Kramer and Vivian Shevitz – who accompanied him to Chicago."

Artist unknown.

The print is in Near Mint (A-/A) condition.


Iggy Pop Sam Lay Large Photo Print 1965

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