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Original 1st printing Flyer/handbill/Schedule for Ballads, Janet Smith and Merrit Herring; Blues and Country, Miriam Stafford and Huck Rorick; Folk and Guitar, Perry Lederman and Debbie Green; Flamenco, David Jones, Fred Mejia & Ernesto; Country, Buz Marten and Bobby Neuwirth; Folk & Blues, Judy Roderick, Al Young & Clarence van Hoot; and Rolf Cahn (the Owner of Cabal,) in Berkeley, CA on 4/14-25/1963.

The Cabale was a cool early folk music venue in Berkeley.
In beautiful Mint/Near Mint (A/A-) condition.  

Cabale Creamery Berkeley Rolf Cahn Perry Lederman 1963 Concert Handbill Flyer

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