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Original 2 x 3&1/4" first printing Mini Flyer, for the Anti-War demonstrations being held on Chicago, IL, on 8/24-29/1968, during the democratic national convention. 


According to 


"On August 28, 1968, at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, thousands of Vietnam War protesters battle police in the streets, while the Democratic Party falls apart over an internal disagreement concerning its stance on Vietnam. ...

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley deployed 12,000 police officers and called in another 15,000 state and federal officers to contain the protesters. The situation then rapidly spiraled out of control, with the policemen severely beating and gassing the demonstrators,.....

The ensuing riot, known as the “Battle of Michigan Avenue,” was caught on television, and sparked a large-scale change in American society. For the first time, many Americans came out in virulent opposition to the Vietnam War."


The Chicago 7 trial sprang from these protests.


The flyer was made, and handed out, by the 5th Avenue Vietnam Peace Parade in New York, NY.  It has a phone number to call for reduced fare busses to the event.

Flyer is in great condition.

5th Ave. Vietnam Peace Parade Chicago Democratic Convention Anti-War Mini Flyer

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